How to write a great introduction

How to create an engaging introduction to your project and its backers by creating a short video that will take the reader in a captivating new direction.

You can also use this video as an introduction to the topic in your next presentation or workshop.

How to Create a Great Introduction to Your Project and Its Kickstarter Campaign video tutorial: The goal is to create a video that demonstrates the most important points of your project while simultaneously showing off some of the cool features of the Kickstarter platform.

Video Tutorial: Create a Simple Video Tutorial for Your Kickstarter Campaign How to: 1.

Create a short, easy-to-follow introduction to a Kickstarter project.


Use the video to illustrate important aspects of the project and the goals you are seeking.


Explain how the project is to be completed and what the final product will look like.


Make it clear why the campaign is an integral part of your campaign.

How To: 1: Select the “Start Here” button to start your video.

2: Click the “Go” button at the bottom of the screen.

3: Click “Next” to begin creating your video tutorial.

4: At the end of your video, you can click “Save.”

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