Report: ‘I don’t know what they’re doing with this document’

A document allegedly containing a “radicalization process” for Islamic State recruits has been discovered by a former CIA officer who worked on the counter-terrorism program.

The document, obtained by Fox Sports and dated April 14, is described as a “white paper” that “explains how to create a pathway for potential recruits to become jihadists.”

A copy of the document, which has not been authenticated, was reportedly circulated among Islamic State fighters in Syria before it was deleted and no one has seen it since.

According to Fox, the document was “secretly passed around” to U.S. counterterrorism officials before being removed from the State Department’s database.

The former CIA agent reportedly wrote in his book “The New Cold War: The Obama Administration and the War on Terror” that the document provided “explanations on how to exploit a person’s latent jihadist sentiment in order to generate a potential terrorist network, including recruitment by an extremist ideology.”

“It explains how to ‘make them feel like they’re fighting for Allah, and the Islamic State is a great enemy,'” the former CIA official told Fox.

“It’s not a blueprint for how to become a terrorist.

It’s just a way to make people think about jihad and how they should act.”

The former official said that he had no idea whether the document included any specific advice on how “to recruit.”

The intelligence community has repeatedly claimed that it is working to develop a blueprint to counter the Islamic state.

According for example, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in May that “the global Islamic State threat is a global threat and a global security threat.”

The United States has also warned that it may be able to defeat the Islamic emirate in Syria, while the Obama administration has argued that the group is “competing with” other jihadist groups.

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