What happens when you put your foot in the door of a new paper processing plant?

Football Italian understands that an expansion project in the Italian football market has been on the cards for some time, but it’s only now that the deal has been officially announced that it has officially been completed. 

The expansion is set to be the first in the country and the first paper processing factory outside of the Italian cities of Naples and Turin. 

According to the Italian Football Federation (FIG), the new plant will be set up at the site of the existing paper processing facilities. 

As the factory is expected to create around 4,000 jobs, it’s expected to be a boon to the region. 

“We have a strong reputation for our high quality paper products and have always been a strong player in this field.

This new factory will add to this reputation,” FIG President Gianluca Di Montezemolo told The Football Italer. 

It is understood that the expansion is being financed by the city of Milan, which is also a paper processing facility. 

However, it is not yet known if the expansion will be funded by the local football association, the Milan Sport Club or by a consortium of local football clubs. 

In Italy, paper processing is usually done in large industrial plants with thousands of workers, and there are also paper processing plants in Milan and other cities across the country. 

Milan Sport Club CEO Marco Maraldi confirmed that the new facility would not only produce paper, but also paperboard, paper pulp, paper towels, paperboard board, paper, and other products. 

Despite the company’s strong reputation in the field of paper processing, Di MonteZemolo said that the paper processing industry was still in a transitional phase. 

“[The expansion] is not only a great step forward for paper processing in Italy, but in the whole world,” Di Montezo said. 

This article originally appeared on The Football Iacchino on Football Italias.

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