‘No more polio’: The final report of the polio eradication drive

The final official report on the polio vaccination campaign that has ended in Pakistan will be released on Friday.

The final report from the United Nations’ polio eradiation drive, which began in March 2015, has been submitted to the UN General Assembly and will be presented at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Friday morning.

The report, compiled by a team of experts, states that the government in Islamabad had effectively ended polio transmission by April 2016, and that the eradication campaign had succeeded in eradicating polio from nearly 80% of Pakistan’s territory.

It also said that Pakistan’s overall rate of eradication, which included vaccination campaigns and the use of vaccine and bio-equivalent vaccines, was 88.5%.

It said the rate of deaths due to the disease dropped to 5,094 in March 2016, from 3,892 in March 2017.

While the government has been working to eradicate polio from the country since the start of the campaign in the country, it has faced some setbacks.

In December 2016, the United States and France declared Pakistan’s national polio vaccination drive an “emergency” as it came under attack by militants in the north.

In December, India said it would halt its own polio vaccination efforts.

India and Pakistan had long considered a deal to end the Pakistan-India border war in exchange for the Pakistani government to withdraw from Afghanistan, but the US-led coalition intervened to stop the deal.

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