How to turn waste into paper

PENNSYLVANIA (AP) A Pennsylvania paper processing plant has created a process paper that can be used to produce paper products ranging from books to toilet paper.

The company, Papermill, is based in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

The facility was founded by University of Pittsburgh professors Michael Boulton and Scott P. Hoch.

Hoch is a professor of industrial materials and a professor at the University of Wisconsin.

Huchan was also the founder and director of the Center for Sustainable Paper Processing.

The company produces paper products, but paper mill owner Mike Zawinski said it has the potential to be a national industry.

Paper mills can produce paper that’s a lot lighter and more flexible than paper used to make paper towels, for example.

It’s also a lot easier to process than paper towels.

It is a lot more cost-effective because it is more durable, Zawinksi said.

The process paper was made by mixing a mixture of paper, sand and water.

The process paper is then pressed and rolled into a piece of paper that is a few inches across and is about 3.5 inches tall.

A sheet of paper is used to cover the entire process paper.

Zawinski also uses paper from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to make the paper that he uses for his products.

He said paper mills in the United States make about a third of the paper used in the world.

The paper mills also sell the paper to paper manufacturers and retailers.

The companies say the process paper can be produced at home in less than an hour.

They also say the paper is recyclable.

The paper is mixed and rolled for an hour before being used.

How to write a great introduction

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How To: 1: Select the “Start Here” button to start your video.

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