Paper to get a $1,000 upgrade: U.S. paper makers make the leap from white to blue

Paper to be coated in white will get a boost from a new paper product from U.N. Environment Minister Patricia Espinosa that uses a unique process to remove toxic chemicals.

The paper cup process uses a chemical-free plastic to coat paper.

Espinosis said it would allow paper to be reused more often, and it would provide jobs to paper workers.

The U.K.-based paper maker, which also makes the U.M.

S paper, said Tuesday it is working with the United Nations to get the new product into circulation.

The product is being produced by the British Paper Mill and is the first in a new series of paper products that it says will help it meet its goals of cutting carbon emissions.

The United States and some other countries have made moves to move away from paper, and more are expected.

But many consumers continue to rely on paper products.